6100 Series Quadrupole

Faster answers. Maximum confidence. Agilent reliability.

From routine QC to research applications, Agilent 6100B Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS Systems deliver unmatched analytical performance and proven day-after-day reliability. Available in configurations to match your application and your budget, they offer best-in-class data quality in a space-saving benchtop package. And to maximize return on investment, performance capabilities can be easily upgraded to keep pace with future requirements.


For more than 40 years, Agilent’s single-quad technology has earned a reputation for robustness and dependability in pharmaceutical and chemical analysis laboratories around the world. The easy-to-use 6100B platform gives you the capability to:

  • Rapidly screen compounds and confirm molecular weights
  • Purify target compounds in complex mixtures
  • Quantitate target compounds
  • Positively identify impurities
Model Description
6120B Budget friendly and very easy to use—with Agilent’s 1220 Infinity LC, a perfect workhorse addition for labs just getting into LC/MS.
6130B Flexible, high performance solution ideal for any quantitation application with 3000 amu mass range and 1 pg sensitivity. Compatible with Agilent Jet Stream Technology.
6150B Unsurpassed data quality for UHPLC and high-throughput screening and qualitative applications, with faster scan speed (10K amu/sec) and the power of Agilent Jet Stream technology


  • Faster acquisition speeds let you take full advantage of UHPLC separations.
  • Ultra fast ion polarity switching gives you maximum information from a single injection - even with narrow LC peaks.
  • Faster injection-to-injection cycle times let you run more samples per hour.
  • Even at scan speeds up to 10,000 u/sec you get excellent spectral quality and accurate isotope ratios for confident ID and confirmation.
  • Variable energy, in-source, collision induced dissociation (CID) provides valuable structural information.
  • Intuitive Agilent ChemStation software lets you set up and control both LC and MS from a single screen; integration with MassHunter software adds analytical power.
  • Powerful Autotune feature eliminates the need for manual recalibration.
  • Agilent Jet Stream Technology now available on 6130B and 6150B models for enhanced sensitivity.


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