Agilent ChemStation

Agilent ChemStation software has become the most widely used data system in the industry because it successfully handles a wide variety of chromatographic techniques such as GC, LC, LC/MS, CE and CE/MS. The B.02.01 and B.03.01 releases provide the stability and reliability necessary to fully support advanced Agilent techniques such as Rapid Resolution and the new 7890A GC. The improved user interface is easier to use and helps to increase both workflow and productivity.

Every aspect of the latest ChemStation revision makes it easier for you to gain more control of your time beginning with the capability to reliably analyze large amounts of high-precision data. ChemStation's new navigation toolbar provides easy access to chromatography data and a context sensitive menu offers a simple way to customize views and facilitate further processing. In addition, the new ChemStation seamlessly integrates with OpenLAB ECM to allow data sharing across departments. All these advantages allow you to get better results, faster than ever.


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  • Two modes of data storage:
  • Unique Folder Creation ON guaranteed consistency of sample data.
  • Unique Folder Creation OFF allows sequences, methods and datafiles to be stored in dedicated directories.
  • Easy access to acquisition method parameters during data review.
  • Integration of Retention Times Locking (RTL) into the ChemStation software.
  • Wide range of add-on products and tailored applications such as purification, automated method development, method validation, online dissolution or gel permeation chromatography (GPC).
  • Compatibility with the new Dual Core Processors.
  • Performance parameters for customization in the report layout.
  • Sequence data are not overwritten. Each sequence acquisition stores the resulting data files in its own sequence container with unique name.
  • With the sequence container concept, the data are stored with all necessary information needed for data analysis, i.e. copies of the sequence file and of all methods employed with the sequence. These methods can be changed with sequence specific input and do not influence the original master method. The container concept thus strengthens the meaning of a sequence as a set of data files and methods belonging together for result creation.
  • Data review and reprocessing are both available in Data Analysis view via the Navigation Table.
  • The data container concept provides the optimal preconditions for the ChemStation integration with the OpenLAB ECM.

ChemStation for GC

combines instrument control, data acquisition, and data analysis software for the Agilent 7890A, 6890, 6850, 5890 Series II, and 4890D gas chromatographs and the Agilent 35900E A/D converter

  • Full support of the new Agilent 7890A GC System
  • Overlapped injection for the new Agilent 7890A GC
  • Method transfer for Agilent 6890 to 7890A GC
  • Native support of 3rd and 4th signal with 7890A GC

Chemstation for LC-Systems

controls and acquires data from the Agilent 1200/1100 Series modules and systems for LC, the HP 1090 Series liquid chromatography systems with the optionally built-in diodenarray detector (DAD), the standalone HP 1040 diode-array detector (DAD), the HP 1046A fluorescence detector (FLD), the HP 1049A electrochemical detector (ECD) and the Agilent 35900E dual channel interfaces. All the sampling, pumping and detector options of the Agilent 1200/1100 Series modules and systems for LC, and the HP 1090 Series liquid chromatographs can be controlled.


ChemStation for LC/MS

The Agilent ChemStation for LC/MSD systems (G2710BA) and the LC/MSD ChemStation Addon module (G2715BA) provide control, data acquisition, and data evaluation capabilities for Agilent 1200/1100 Series LC/MSD systems. The Agilent ChemStation for LC/MSD system supports a single Agilent 1200/1100 Series LC/MSD system.


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